Coming from the “E&I” in Emis name and the “N&D” in my name! Endi (: in reference to indie music, indie vibes, indie lifestyle (YES, WE ARE THINKING ABOUT NAMING OUR FUTURE DAUGHTER ENDI) 


A supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.



What the heck is an Aura.... Endi?

These days you can find us at your local sushi restaurant chowing down on some yumi yumi rolls, eating crab legs, or eating. Period. lol. We LOVE TO TRAVEL! The beach forever has our hearts and is definitely our go to spot for vacations. However, we both love new scenery and also really enjoy the mountains, hiking, waterfall elopements, and breath-taking scenery from mother nature. We really enjoy the calmness and stillness the great outdoors offers our souls and we can’t wait to capture your adventure together! 

OH!! and last but certainly at the center and core of our relationship we not only want to thank God but Jesus (let's hear it for the Bieber fans). We wouldn't be where we are today without the blessings our God has poured on us and wouldn't be who we are today without the friends and amazing mentors he has put in our life to bless our business beyond measure! We are so grateful for the ones he has blessed us with by placing them perfectly along the way as we have grown ourselves and our brand. THANK YOU!

our first date

talk about a glow up!

You know that silly middle school love where you break each other’s hearts and switch boyfriends/girlfriends every other week…. Yeah we did that all the way up until High School! We still remained very good friends throughout high school and every time we had a breakup we would always text each other and say “hey best-friend” and would ignore all the signs of the universe saying we need to be together! Let’s just say our Auras knew we needed to be one!

Senior year of High School we decide to take things seriously and started dating again on 12/23/2012! Seven years later here we are today, happily engaged, telling our story, and so eager to tell YOURS!

I still remember seeing Emi’s cute little sneaky smile as soon she got on and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. lol. She ventured all the way from Iwata, Japan to Borger, TX and ended up in the small town we both call home now, Adairsville, GA. (Yes she traveled that far just to find me it must have been my aura or something) 

We met on the school bus the very first day of 6th grade (2006).

Our Story

I don’t even know where to begin. Andrew and Emi are the absolute best at what they do. They are so incredibly personable, understanding, and flexible. When we had to move our wedding from Georgia to Arkansas with only three weeks away from our wedding date, there was no hesitation with deciding they would fly out for us! Emi is the ultimate hype gal every person needs!!!! They make being in front of the lens feel so comfortable. Every session is party with this dynamic duo!!

It’s like a movie!!

Cassidy + Seth


love Notes

My world, my heart, my soul and the one who brings me joy every single time I get to see her beautiful smile or hear that sweet angel voice of hers. She is literally the life of our business guys! Seriously, she is the one who is outgoing, extraverted, and always making sure our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera! She can light up an entire room with her positive energy.

She is the strongest, positive, loving, caring AURA to our AURA + ENDI. She also cares deeply (I mean real deep) about each and every one of our couples needs, wants and desires. She makes absolutely sure that everyone is taken care of and happy with their film or photos and she also puts everyone elses needs before her own! I’d say she’s pretty darn awesome right? :)

this is emi.

My love, He is the mastermind behind Aura + Endi. The one that will definitely be crying during your vows (I will too though). Anyone who knows Andrew knows how sensitive he is at times but that’s one of the many things I adore about him. His heart (GUYS HIS HEART IS UNREAL). I can’t even begin to explain the amount of love and compassion his heart holds! He would do anything for anyone at any given moment, even on his busiest days! He is the most AMAZING cinematographer and the light of my world! He always makes sure my needs are before his and he literally makes my cup of coffee EVERY SINGLE MORNING (y’all know ya girl can’t go without my coffee in the mornings)! When you meet him please laugh at his jokes, it makes him feel better hehehe! But either way he finds himself hilarious so even if you don’t laugh he will be laughing at himself for the next hour or so! Lol. On a serious note our business wouldn’t be the same without his hard work and effort. From all the late nights to early mornings his passion always shines through his work! He never gives up and exceeds in everything he does (including his hair routine) LOL. His curls are amazing and he doesn’t even try, he’s a natural beauty, heaven sent! haha but for real you will love him and his curls!

this is andrew.

Our little (big) fur baby. He loves playin’ fetch, going on long walks at the beach, and to Netflix (Planet Earth) and chill. LOL. But seriously he is our baby boy, our first puppy as a couple and brings us so much joy. We never really thought we’d love a doggo so much but he had our heart at hello (or “woof”).

He’s a wild child golden lab who will give you all the hugs and kisses you could ever ask for! He is currently a pup-tographer in training and has a bit of a hard time holding the camera steady!!! hahaha


this is han.